Volunteer Opportunities for October

  • 06 Oct 2015
  • 24 Oct 2015
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Fall is a great time to volunteer and we have some wonderful opportunities to get involved. Get to know your community here in the District of Columbia.

On Tuesday, 06 Oct, at 1030 in Classroom 7Y21-16, Events DC and the DC Conventions and Visitors Bureau will give an outstanding presentation on what to do in Washington.  Theater; Sports; Art; Culture; Parks; Food and much more. Come learn about the cool District of Columbia. Look for the Special Notice out now.

The Chiefs Mess and the U.S. Army Old Guard are teaming up to restore three historic cemeteries East of the River and we need your help. Check it out!

Mentor kids, feed the hungry, protect the environment, assist Veterans, get involved.

If you're doing volunteer work in your community let me know...maybe we can spread the word.

Watch for a spooky Halloween tour and coming soon an interactive IPAD historical tour.

Next Month...Help with the Mayor's Thanksgiving Turkey handout!

Please share this with others!



Historic Veterans Cemetery Restoration Project (THIS IS BIG!)

October 06, Tuesday, 0800-1600

October 13, Tuesday, 0800-1600

October 24, Saturday, 0800-1600


Join the Coast Guard, the U.S. Army Old Guard, DC General Services and the Chiefs Call to Initiation (CCTI) as we work to restore three historic veterans cemeteries in preparation for Veteran’s Week Ceremonies in NOV. These cemeteries desperately need our help and are home to Medal of Honor recipients, Buffalo soldiers and veterans from every campaign since the Civil War. Pick a day, bring a friend and come help! Contact LT Alexander Austin at alexander.t.austin@uscg.mil or MCPO Astru Cruz at Astru.j.cruz@uscg.milfor more information.


October 7, Wednesday, 0800-1400 - Armed Forces Retirement Home – Semi-Annual Great Pond Project

Join the local chapters of the CPOA, CWOA and the CGEA as they travel to the Armed Forces Retirement Home to work on their wonderful facility. This is the largest Veterans Home in the United States with 500 residents. Contact CWO William Ernestburg at william.k.ernestburg@uscg.mil for more information.


October 17, Saturday, 1000-1400 - Monthly Clean-up Shepherd Parkway

Shepherd Parkway Monthly Clean-up.  This is our National Park...right next door to HQ...and one of the most neglected NPS sites in the United States.  TONS of trash over decades of neglect...we need your help. Imagine a park out our back gate where we could recreate and transit to other parts of DC. Be a part of the solution! Contact Nathan Harrington at nbharrington@yahoo.com or (301) 758-5892 to sign up.


October 17, Saturday, 1000-1200 - DC Preservation League Tour of St. E.s West Campus

Assist the DC Preservation League as they lead a two hour historical hour of our historic campus. Co-lead by GSA.  No prior knowledge needed. Four CG volunteers need to chaperone the group to access CG cemetery. Contact Amanda McDonald at Amanda@dcpreservation.org to sign up.


Honor Flight WW II Veterans Flight and War Memorial Tour

October 07, Wednesday, 0930-1730

October 19, Monday, 0930-1730

October 21, Wednesday, 0930-1730

September three two Honor Flights and these are mid-week which is difficult for most volunteers to attend.  While this can be an all-day volunteer event (you can just be an airport greeter (0930-1200) it is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do in a uniform. Contact YN1 Joseph Devito at joseph.f.devito@uscg.mil to sign up.


October 15, Thursday, 0745–1100 – THRIVE DC – Feed the Homeless

Feed hundreds of homeless citizens.  Join us in our monthly partnership with THRIVE DC at their soup kitchen as we lead that day’s effort.  THRIVE feeds 300 + people breakfast EVERY DAY!  We need a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 volunteers to make this a success. (Van from HQ)Contact CWO Neal Pratt at neal.s.pratt@uscg.mil to sign up.



On-going opportunities:Partnerships In Education (PIE)

Relationships exist and are in need of mentors to assist at:


Friendship Technical Academy

Engineering and Prevention mentors needed for Friendship Technical Academy.  This is our closest school right outside our gate and they are looking for advisers for their STEM programs.  Contact CDR Terence Williams terence.j.williams@uscg.mil for more information.


Eagle Academy (elementary) Contact LCDR Jonathan Schafler at jonathan.i.schafler@uscg.mil.

Kramer (middle school) Contact Ms. Delores Snow at delores.y.snow@uscg.mil (CO-TEAM LEAD NEEDED!).

Ballou (High School) Contact LCDR Pride Sanders at pride.l.sanders@uscg.mil.


Want to learn the ropes of Community Engagement? Let LCDR Schafler know and we can tie you into local meetings, planning efforts and meeting with government officials.  Join the fun!


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